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NASW is the largest membership organization of professional social workers in the world with 150,000 members and over 5,000 in Illinois. The NASW-IL, NASW-NV and NASW-ND chapters their keep members on top of up-to-the-minute news and information regarding their professional development, whether it's changes in government regulations, breakthrough treatments, and innovative resources. With discounted professional protection through NASW Assurance Service insurance programs and public outreach to advance social work practice and improving the wellbeing of people and communities, the NASW  is working every day to help their members and the populations they serve. Please consider becoming a member today!

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24-26 December 2020

Gotham Hall, Broadway

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Here’s a selection of the brightest names in branding that OnBrand will be
hosting and boasting on October 10, 2019.

Supporting LGTQAI+ Youth

12:30 - 1:30 PM CST Virtul Room A

Have you ever wished you had a better grasp on the issues affecting LGBTQAI+ youth? This interactive presentation addresses cultural relevancy in working with LGBTQAI+ youth, the specific presenting concerns affecting the LGBTQAI+ community, and inclusive interventions that can be implemented in your practice, whether micro, mezzo, or macro.You will leave with ideas to inform your work and expand your knowledge.

The Future of the Social Work Profession in a Post-COVID World

12:30 - 1:30 PM CST Virtual Room B

COVID will continue to affect our profession long after the virus is gone. The pandemic has fundamentally changed social work education and practice. It has forced us to rethink how and where we do our jobs, with many of us moving to virtual platforms.We have been innovative and creative in the ways we have used technology to deliver client-centered services. Social work is positioned to lead the paradigm shift needed to develop new practices and strategies that will create a better “new normal”. This session will focus on ways the profession can intentionally engage in a deeper exploration of its future.

Immigration Updates: What Your Communities Need to Know

12:30 - 1:30 PM CST Virtual Room C

This session will provide the latest updates of what is happening with immigration law and policy and explain clearly what these developments mean for our communities.This session will also briefly explain how to get involved in community education work and in advocacy to help make public policies more responsive to the needs of immigrant families.

Women Who Were Sexually Abused as Children: Mothering, Resilience, and Protecting the Next Generation

01:40 - 2:40 PM CST Virtual Room A

This workshop will provide valuable information to mental health professionals in order to increase their understanding of the long-term intergenerational impact of child sexual abuse on mothering abilities and help prevent the consequences of trauma on the next generation.

Navigating the Dementia Journey

01:40 - 2:40 PM CST Virtual Room C

The population of Americans 65 and older is expected to double to 70 million individuals by 2030. Among those roughly 3.8 million individuals will have a dementia diagnosis. Navigating the Dementia Journey explains the differences in normal aging and dementia and focuses on considerations and coping after a dementia diagnosis. Along with coping with a dementia diagnosis this presentation will deliver information of care options, cost of care, how to pay for care, and financial and legal considerations. Finally, health care disparities of minorities and low-income populations diagnosed with dementia will be examined.

Beyond the Book Club: The impact of an 11-Week Antiracism Accountability Group for White-identified Mental Health Clinicians on Antiracist Praxis and Values

01:40 - 2:40 PM CST Virtual Room C

In the wake of the Uprisings of the Summer of 2020, many social workers are eager to engage in antiracist clinical work to better support their clients. However, many social workers recognize deficits in their social work education with regard to practicing antiracism in clinical spaces.To help address this critical need, we developed and facilitated an 11-week curriculum to educate and empower white-identifying mental health clinicians to challenge and interrupt white supremacy in their clinical relationships and their agencies.The workshop provides an overview of the curriculum and data on participants’ anti-racist identity development and resulting praxis.

Understanding Autism: Strength-based strategies to help students flourish

12:30 - 01:30 PM CST Virtual Room A

This engaging session will enable attendees to understand and respect the unique attributes of individuals on the spectrum as well as communicate, discipline and nurture more effectively.Participants in this workshop will learn skills that will enable them to improve interactions with individuals on the autism spectrum. The format of the class will be based in a strength perspective, emphasizing the value of respecting that individuals on the spectrum are empowered by a supportive structure in their environment where it is at home, school or the workplace. Skills in relating to individuals on the spectrum will be addressed.

The Impact of Social Isolation and Loneliness on the Elderly During and Post-COVID-19 and Best Practices from the Field: Lessons Learned

12:30 - 01:30 PM CST Virtual Room B

Loneliness can be defined in two ways. First,in relation to indices of social integration, i.e. marital status, contact with friends or family, and lack of social integration (Helmer et al. 1999; Fratiglioni et al. 2000; De Jong Gierveld & Van Tiburg 2008; Lunaigh & Lawlor, 2008). However it is also based upon the individual’s perception.

Secrets of the Sand Tray: The Neuroscience of Stress and Strategies for Engaging Youth through Play

12:30 - 01:30 PM CST Virtual Room C

The Art of Sand Tray--an interactive and fun workshop exploring sand tray therapy for use with children, teens, and adults.This workshop will give you a brief overview of the modality as well as an opportunity to practice basic skills.

But I'm Not a Racist!": How Non-racists Contribute to Racism

01:40 - 02:40 PM CST Virtual Room A

Racism continues to be a major problem in American society. And despite all of the protests, trainings, seminars, newscasts, documentaries, testimonials, and debates, between popular newscasts, many will claim either racism does not exist, or they, themselves, are not racists. "I'm not racist because I have a black friend!" or "I'm not racist, I like black people!" or "I'm not racist, I'm colorblind!" These statements actually contribute to the problem of racism. And one of the major problems is that many people don't even understand these microaggressions. This seminar will teach the students what racism actually is, how it is perpetrated by "non-racist" people, why the black community needs the white community regarding racism, and what can be done to continue addressing this issue with people who can actually make a difference.

Practicing What We Teach: Influencing Cultural Inclusivity in the Workplace

01:40 - 02:40 PM CST Virtual Room B

Social workers are known for our lifelong learning commitment to cultural awareness, practicing cultural humility, and treating individuals with dignity. Cultural diversity is a multifaceted, complex concept involving our working environment and our practice. Systemic changes to promote inclusivity, civic discourse, and psychological safety can be more difficult though. Where do you start? What will make a difference? Development requires an intersectional framework that defines cultural identity broadly. This workshop discusses practical ways to positively shift our working environment by using macro strategies and interpersonal sharing in professional and workplace development. We’ll share our ideas, challenges, and best practices.

A Team of Social Workers Courageous Conversations about Race Matters

01:40 - 02:40 PM CST Virtual Room C

It was at the onset of the social and civil unrest resulting from the May 25, 2020 death of George Floyd, our team of 12 social workers knew we had to have courageous conversation about race matters. The conundrum was how we would do this in a work place, a space none of us had ever known to encourage in the history of our collective work experiences. It took little time for us to decide that the importance of this.conversation far outweighed any possible work related consequence. However, it wasn't until we started the conversation that we understood that discussing race could be incredibly uncomfortable - all the more reason it needed to happen.

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Here’s a selection of the brightest names in branding that OnBrand will be
hosting and boasting on October 10, 2019.

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Here’s a selection of the brightest names in branding that OnBrand will be
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Here’s a selection of the brightest names in branding that OnBrand will be
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