John L. Levitt, PhD, LCSW, ACSW, FAED

John L. Levitt, PhD, LCSW, ACSW, FAED

  • Director - Alternatives Center for Counseling
  • He/Him/His

Dr. Levitt has more than 45 years’ experience working with clients who present eating disorders, trauma and self-injury. In recent years, he has focused on supervising and training clinicians to work with the chronically relapsing client who often presents with multiple symptoms, rotating symptoms or other complex symptoms constellations. In particular, he had focused his clinical practices and research emphasis upon the insidious impact of traumatic experience on the development and maintenance on those complex disorders Dr. Levitt has presented nationally and internationally on the topics of eating disorders, trauma, self-injury, complex symptomatology, assessment and intervention.

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Conference Schedule November 17, 2022
SESSION 3: 2:45pm–4:15pm | 1.5 CEUs

Impact of COVID and Teletherapy on the Complex Trauma Client Treatment: Art Beyond the Science